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Milner Industrial - Innovative Vacuum Tankers, Drain Cleaning Jetters, Combined Vacuum and Jetting Tankers

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Welcome to our range of environmental cleansing machinery...

The need to take account rising costs and the increasingly stringent requirements for liquid waste management means innovative products are a must, and that means vehicles & machinery have to be even more cost-effective, safer, easier to operate, and better equipped to deal with the requirements of tomorrow.

Our range of machinery feature components that are designed with three key points at its core DURABILITY, PRACTICALITY and AFFORDABILITY whilst still bringing you the latest in technological innovation.

More often enough Banks and financial institutions don’t truly understand the equipment used within the environmental sector, and it can be a perilous journey when applying for finance.  

Our direct knowledge of the industry gives Milner Industrial a unique edge in providing finance for our customers. 
Milner industrial work with the UK’s leading finance companies, cutting out the problems and explanations to bring you affordable finance at competitive rates. 

We provide funding for all capitol equipment like vacuum tankers, jetvacs, recyclers, de-watering units, lining and rehabilitation, vanpack survey and inspection equipment. 

The types of finance available are:

Asset Finance 
Are you looking to invest in new machinery or vehicles? Asset Finance is tailor made to meet your requirements. 

Sometimes your business needs that extra bit of cash to help with that next big purchase - raise it from your existing machinery and vehicles. 

Invoice Finance 
Utilise cash from your outstanding invoices. Now a real alternative to your bank overdraft. 

Peer-to-Peer Lending 
A flexible and cost effective way of raising cash for your business with the funds raised from a group of eager investors.