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SMART Sewer Jetters

SMART TRAILER (No trailer licence needed)

We are proud to introduce the world's most compact and most sharply priced sewer cleaning trailer that doesn't require a trailer licence. The SmartTrailer sewer jetting trailer combines durability with simplicity and reliability. This machine is ideal for sewer cleansing of lateral and main lines up to Ø300mm and also applies itself easily to other work such as cleaning of private and public amenity areas, and light graffiti removal.
The SmartTrailer is available in three capacities:
  • 190 bar with 30l/min (Speck high pressure pump)
  • 150 bar with 40l/min (Speck high pressure pump)
  • 150 bar with 50l/min (Speck high pressure pump)
The SmartTrailer is fitted with a number of features as standard, including:
  • Fully integrated large water tank (400 litres)
  • Durable materials, including flexible polyethylene
  • Robust, galvanised frame
  • A large toolbox
This trailer does not require a trailer license due its unique design which ensures the overall weight (even fully loaded with water) being less than 750kg. So it can be used with any B category car licence. 


The SmartTrailer pro is packed with smart solutions based on 35 years experience. Ideal for the unblocking and cleaning of house connections and the main sewer system up to Ø300mm. You can choose between a petrol or diesel engine and a cleaning pressure of max. 200 bar, and a water flow up to max. 60 l / min. 


Spacious 650 litres water tank
By clever use of space and materials, the SmartTrailer PRO is compact, light weight and equipped with a spacious 650 litres water tank. You can work longer without refilling.

User-friendly electric reel
The SmartTrailer PRO can be equipped with an electrically driven high pressure hose reel with hose guide. Makes your work easy and is environment-friendly.

Smart tool boxes
Always the right tools within reach thanks to the extensive standard toolboxes. With integrated holders for storing nozzle cases and safety cones.

Stable road holding thanks to unique transit
The SmartTrailer PRO has a unique transit space in the water tank. Ideal for long tools. Also, the transit stabilises the water in the tank for safe handling.

Work quickly
Opening the bonnet before you can get started is no longer necessary thanks to sophisticated thermal management. The heat is dissipated through the grille. So you can start quickly.

Extremely strong
The Scorpion skeleton provides optimum rigidity and strength. The base frame and chassis are galvanized and the chassis is from the quality brand AL-KO. 

The SmartTrailer PRO is available in different capacities and available in both petrol and diesel version.

  • 150 bar - 40 l/min (petrol)
  • 150 bar - 50 l/min (petrol)
  • 140 bar - 60 l/min (petrol)
  • 150 bar - 60 l/min (diesel)
  • 200 bar - 38 l/min, suitable for surface cleaning (diesel)