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Milner Industrial - Innovative Vacuum Tankers, Drain Cleaning Jetters, Combined Vacuum and Jetting Tankers

Skid Mounted Vacuum Tankers

Our skid mounted vacuum units are suited for the simple emptying of grease traps, septic tanks and cesspits. Besides this, our tanks are also suitable for the removal of excess water after flooding problems, e.g. flooded basements or garages. They are perfect for areas which are difficult to access, such as school playgrounds and shopping centres. Tanks are available in different versions (600l – 2000l tanks). Our units offer mobility and flexibility and a perfect opportunity to extend your company’s activities. 
  • Safe working conditions, thanks to the floating ball valve in the tank (over suction protection), the moisture trap with sight glass, the vacuum valve and the combined oil separator/exhaust silencer  
  • Very durable because of robust design  
  • Both frame and tank are completely hot dip galvanised  
  • Easy to place on a trailer or chassis with an open body via the handy pick-up system  
  • Professional design, where attention was devoted to both the functionality and looks of the machine  
  • Standard with CE certification  
  • Inventive customer-oriented options