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Milner Industrial - Innovative Vacuum Tankers, Drain Cleaning Jetters, Combined Vacuum and Jetting Tankers

Smart Combi Pro Vacuum Tankers

Our SMART COMBI PRO range of vacuum tankers offer the latest styling and performance for the ever increasing workloads.

Thanks to our partnerships with Europe’s leading chassis manufacturers we can maximize every inch of the chassis configuration to provide you with biggest legal payload possible. Combine that with our sleek design, maximum performance and payload is guaranteed time after time.

Because of the compact design, our machines are suitable where access is restricted. We are able to build to any chassis configuration our clients require and we are on hand to help advise you on which chassis might be a suitable option for you.

The robust construction ensures a prolonged durability. For instance, the vacuum pumps and jetters fitted to our machines offer performance when its needed with very little maintenance required and offer you a lasting solution. 

Cost saving 
Unlike other comparable machines our units are sharply priced without compromising build quality.

Many options 
Within the concept, you can have your machine executed completely according to your personal requirements.
  • Barrel options from 2,000 to 4,000 Gallon Capacity.
  • Tipping facility.
  • 400 to 1,000CFM vacuum pump options.
  • Hydraulic Door opening.
  • Hydraulic or manual clamps.
  • Wash down jetter & hose reel.
  • Storage facility.
  • Work lights.
User friendly simplicity 
The unit combines tried techniques and user friendly simplicity. You will be amazed how easy it is to operate our machines. Because of this, you and your employees will work more productive than ever. 

All our machines come CE-safety marked, which guarantees that the machine complies with the latest European regulations concerning safety, environment and user health. By default, the unit is supplied with all necessary safeties, such as over pressure and under pressure safety valves, emergency stop, double ball valves (prevents over suctioning) and a moisture separator, including 2nd ball valve (protects the vacuum pump by separating moisture from the air suctioned).