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Milner Industrial - Innovative Vacuum Tankers, Drain Cleaning Jetters, Combined Vacuum and Jetting Tankers

Trailer Tankers

Our vacuum trailers are suitable for all types of suction work, such as emptying flooded basements & garages to removing general domestic blockages from site. There are a various tank sizes and pump capacities to choose form, with the most popular being our 1600ltr 3.5T GVW vacuum tank. Its pump capacity of 4350l/min has power and performance when you need it most. These vacuum trailers offer you maximum mobility and flexibility and are the ideal combination when put behind a drain jetting vanpack.

  • Hot dip galvanised chassis and tank
  • Twin hydraulic tipping rams
  • Fully opening door
  • 3.5T hand built chassis 
  • 4,350 l/min vacuum pump
  • Accoustic cabinet
  • Compact durable design; ideally suited for areas which are difficult to access, such as underground car parks
  • Approved CE certification
  • Debris compartment sized to your preference
  • Honda or Kubota engine options
  • Heavy duty vacuum pump options
  • Manually operated hose reel
  • Sampling connections
  • Carbon filter element for fume filtration and noise reduction

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