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ROM Compact Pro

The COMPACT line consists of three models: COMPACT BASECOMPACT and COMPACT PRO. The skid-mounted units are identical in quality, but differ in equipment and design. Based on your needs and potential applications, you can select the most ideal unit.

Would you like to drain and clean house connections continuously? And every once in a while the main sewer system (until Ø400mm) as well? Then the new COMPACT PRO is the perfect machine for you.The PRO version has a larger water tank (650 litres) and stronger engine/pumpcombinations, including 200 bar / 60 litres and 150 bar / 75 litres. This gives you more flushing and cleaning capacity. Nonetheless, the construction remains lightweight. With an empty weight of only 395 kg, you have many choices in terms of vehicles. All the "PRO" configurations have a powerful KUBOTA diesel engine.

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Double cost saving; ideal for mounting in light to medium-weight commercial vehicles. These lightweight vans require only a modest investment.
  • Available in diesel
  • User-friendly simplicity
  • Durable and maintenance-friendly
  • The frame is shot blasted, primed and finished with a durable powder coating
  • There is a drip pan under both reels (for the protection of the interior of your vehicle)
  • CE mark
The professional ROM COMPACT PRO is suitable for the unblocking and cleaning lateral lines and main lines in the sanitary sewer system of up to Ø400mm.

The COMPACT PRO is standardly equipped with:
  • 650 litres watertank
  • Electric start system
  • 60m. 1/2" (ND13) sewer-jetting hose
  • 12 litres fuel tank (transparent)
  • Hydraulically driven HP reel
  • Extendable hose guide with bearings
  • Water filling hose reel with 50m. 3/4" (ND20)
  • Entire operation panel on front side
Available configurations:
  • 160 bar / 60 litres Diesel
  • 200 bar / 60 litres Diesel
  • 150 bar / 75 litres Diesel
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